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Refund & Return Policy


January 2019

A. Hacked Snacks offer a 30-day retail guarantee of satisfaction. A retail customer who purchases our product is given a 30-day window from receiving of goods to apply for a refund, less shipping and handling. If after using our product, a retail customer decides to return the unused product for a refund, hacked snacks offers this money back guarantee on all products (minus any sales tools), providing the following requirements are met: notify Hacked Snacks Support during the 30-day window by sending an email to support@hackedsnacks.com or by calling 1-801-948-9500. A return merchandise authorization (RMA) number will be issued and must be included with the returned items.

B. Shipping charges are non-refundable. Even when provided with free shipping, Hacked Snacks has paid its shipping partner to deliver product to you. Any shipping charges that are generated will be taken from the available refund. In the event that Hacked Snacks is charged for return shipping (refused or undeliverable package), these additional shipping charges assessed to Hacked Snacks by our shipping partner will be deducted from the refund provided.

C. An Affiliate or Customer may return their initial subscription order for 100% product refund. Shipping fees paid by Hacked Snacks will be deducted from any refund provided. Member fees and literature sales are final and are not refundable. Administration fees are not refundable except as required by law.

D. When you sell products at retail, you are the primary party responsible for customer satisfaction. The retail customer must come to you for either a replacement product or for a refund. You make the product exchange or refund, and then you obtain a replacement product from Hacked Snacks for the returned product. Unless otherwise directed by the company, if a wholesaler is returning merchandise to Hacked Snacks that was returned to him or her by a personal customer, the product must be received by Hacked Snacks within ten (10) days from the date on which the customer returned the merchandise to the wholesaler, and must be accompanied by the sales receipt the seller gave to the customer at the time of the sale. No refund or replacement of product will be made if the conditions of these procedures are not followed.

E. In the event of a dispute between you and your retail customer, Hacked Snacks will determine the facts and resolve the issue. That resolution will be final and not open to appeal. If we elect to make a cash payment to the retail customer to resolve the dispute, we will charge the payment to your account.

F. We reserve the right to reject repetitive returns or replacements.

G. Retail sales must comply with the FTC three-day cooling-off rule, which requires statutory language and notice of cancellation rights on the retail sales receipt. The customer must receive a receipt from a receipt book. The receipt must have a notice of cancellation form on it. The retail receipt must have the following language on it: “You the buyer may cancel this transaction at any time prior to midnight of the third business day after the date of this transaction.”

H. The company shall have no repurchase/refund obligation, except as required by law, respecting sales tools, as they are not required purchases at any time during the term of the contract. In the event the item received is damaged or not the correct item ordered, you may contact Hacked Snacks Support within 10 days of purchase by sending an email to support@hackedsnacks.com or by calling 1-801-948-9500, and the item will be replaced at no additional cost. If inventory permits, at the Affiliate’s request, Hacked Snacks may make an exchange of the same item, for a different size. However, all shipping costs will be the Affiliate's responsibility.

I. When you make an authorized product replacement or refund under the retail customer guarantee, we will provide you with the replacement product as outlined above. You may then either provide the replacement product to your retail customer, or if a refund was made, you can sell the replacement product.

J. Any damages to the product, as the result of negligent packaging or improper shipping for the return shipment shall be your sole responsibility.

For refunds on wholesale orders please contact support@hackedsnacks.com.